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What To Do When There's No Provider In Your Area

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Pelvic floor physical therapists provide services to women during pregnancy that assist in treating pelvic pain, back pain, shoulder and neck issues, pee leaks, prolapse, and abdominal separation.

After birth we help manage scar tissue, strengthen the abdominal wall, heal pee leaks, prolapse, GI issues, and all other orthopedic problems that arise.

We are an essential part of women's health as they go through pregnancy and birth.

Women need and deserve pelvic floor physical therapy before, during, and after birth. Women also benefit from continued relationships with their pelvic floor provider throughout life.

Unfortunately, not all women have access to such services. In fact, very few women get pelvic floor treatment postpartum, even fewer receive treatment and guidance during pregnancy, and hardly any women receive annual well-women visits from their pelvic floor physical therapist.

Women living in rural areas of the country and even around the world may not have a pelvic floor physical therapist nearby.

I live in New Mexico, and I have had clients drive 3-hours each way to work with me in the past. They are amazing women dedicated to their health.

If you find yourself in a situation when your nearest pelvic floor physical therapist is far away, this blog is for you.

Here are several options for women who do not have a pelvic floor physical therapist in their area.


If you live somewhere more remote, there are still options for you to receive care. I offer telehealth services for women lacking access to in-person care. Telehealth works well for women who are committed to healing and tuned-in to their bodies.

Although I am not able to offer the hands-on aspect of care, I am able to coach you through your own pelvic exams and follow up exercises. My clients do very well over telehealth, which was a surprising and exciting by-product of COVID 19!

Telehealth is an especially good option for you if you already have a foundation of body awareness and are comfortable acknowledging and investigating more about your pelvic floor on your own.

If you are very uncomfortable investigating your own pelvic region or experience barriers to tuning into your body's nuances and movements, one of the options below is better for you.


Driving in to see a pelvic floor physical therapist is also an option. If you are driving in to see me, I might recommend a longer appointment since there will likely be a gap in-between our follow ups.

The frequency in which you are able to attend appointments will depend on your resources, availability, childcare and distance between appointments. I have had mamas drive in once a week with no issues, others have driven in once every month or two.

Driving long distances for support requires motivation, dedication and planning ahead. Communing is a good option for you if you are able to bring your kids with you, have good childcare, and/or a flexible work schedule.

Also, you don't mind driving!

Online Courses and Community

I love online courses! I take them all the time. I am so grateful for online courses! I use online continuing education courses at least once a week. I have also created my own prenatal course to help pregnant women prepare for birth.

There are many online courses and communities available for you to join. The problem is knowing which ones are the best! I recommend looking for courses and communities created specifically by a pelvic floor physical therapist. I think these are fantastic options for overall wellness and continuing your healing journey.

There are many communities out there to help moms strengthen up postpartum. Some are actually very good!

But here's the but (you knew it was coming)...

If you are dealing with a core dysfunction issue like prolapse, pee leaks or pain, and you haven't yet seen a pelvic floor physical therapist, I do not recommend purchasing an online course or joining a subscription yet.

In my opinion, if you are dealing with issues like these you need to first get personalized care from a pelvic floor physical therapist. Once your treatment is complete, enrolling in an online course or community is a great way to continue your wellness journey and to further advance your exercise program.

An online course is going to be too generalized to help you through your specific issues. It's important you get one-on-one care first.


If there is no provider in your area, there are still options for you to get pelvic floor physical therapy. Telehealth is great option and is often very successful. You can also opt to drive into the city for extended PT appointments at a frequency of your choosing. Lastly, online courses and communities serve as excellent continuing wellness options following your one-on-one treatments for your individual condition!

Thinking about starting teleheath treatment? Book your free consult with me today!

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