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Healing Pelvic Floor Issues

Including Pelvic Pain, Abdominal Weakness, Bladder, Bowel, Hip and Low Back Pain, Sexual Health Concerns, and Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy 

Healing That Lasts

Pelvic health issues are common and are often linked to many other parts of your body. You can develop pelvic floor issues from childbirth, but you can also develop them overtime from other problems such as an ankle surgery or a shoulder injury.

At Holistic Pelvic Health, we are pelvic floor physical therapists that see the big picture. Our clients experience transformative results and leave feeling better everywhere. We understand that pelvic floor issues are frustrating, and we are here to help.

Join the many others in the Albuquerque Area experiencing real and lasting change with Holistic Pelvic Health. 

Conditions We Treat

  • Pregnancy 
  • Core strengthening (Diastasis recti, abdominal wall healing, hernias).
  • Bladder concerns 
  • Prolapse 
  • Bowel issues 
  • Pain (pelvic pain, tailbone pain, back pain, hip pain, as well as shoulder, ankle, neck and wrist pain). 
  • Postpartum 
  • Hip and Low Back Pain 
  • Shoulder and neck pain 
  • Strengthening programs 
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Our Process

Holistic Pelvic Health is a Physical Therapy clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving all pelvic floor conditions including pregnancy and postpartum, pelvic pain, prolapse as well as all general orthopedic concerns. 

We provide high quality care that is focused on finding the root cause of your issue and eliminating it for good. 


We understand that pelvic conditions are connected to the rest of your body, and perform a thorough head-to-toe analysis of your body to discover how anything from your ankle to shoulder pain can be contributing to your issue. 

We are dedicated to our clients and strive to provide the best care possible in a comfortable, calm environment. 

Whether you are currently dealing with pelvic floor issues, thinking about getting pregnant, pregnant already, or are anywhere on your postpartum journey, we are here to help. 

See What Others Are Saying

Talia makes recommendations tailored to your own needs & also tailored to what your goals are! Postpartum returning to exercise & feeling like yourself again doesn’t have to be difficult, make an appointment with her today, your body will thank you!!

- E.S.

She is a truly extraordinary professional whose subject-matter expertise unquestionably sets her apart in an intensely challenging subspecialty. 

- R.S.

After my second baby, I felt in control of my body after only a couple sessions. It was incredible how quickly my body healed with Talia's help. I'd highly recommend Holistic Pelvic Health!


Very knowledgable and makes your feel at ease even during the most vulnerable moments. Highly recommend!

- D.W.

Knowledgable, professional, patient and trauma-informed. Thank you so much for creating such a safe space for healing after childbirth.

- P.H.

A huge part of my pregnancy journey and now my postpartum journey! Does not rush and builds true authentic connection with clients. Contact today!


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5910 Cubero Dr NE Suite C

Albuquerque, NM 87109


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