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Are There Safe Exercises For My Pelvic Floor?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many people who suffer from issues with their pelvic floor wonder if there are safe exercises they can do at home to help their condition.

The answer is yes, but it depends.

Everyone Is Different

Pelvic floor issues can be very complicated, and it's impossible to truly know what is going on in the pelvic floor without performing an internal evaluation.

As an experienced clinician, I can make an educated guess based on symptoms, but I am still frequently surprised to find something is occurring the pelvic floor I would not have originally thought.

Exercises Look Different Based On What's Going On

As a result, you cannot truly target your specific issue without an internal exam. Therefore, exercises will be non-specific, and even something as simple as a kegel has the potential to make you worse.

For example, if your pelvic floor pain is from tight pelvic floor gripping, kegels will make it tighter and the pain worse.

It Could Also Be Your Strategy

Let's say you do actually need some form of deep core strength, but every time you do a kegel you accidentally bear down instead.

This will also result in more worsening of symptoms.

So once again, in order to start performing exercises for pelvic floor, you need to have a skilled pelvic floor evaluation to determine if that is even necessary, and if it is how to correctly execute the exercise.

There Is Something You Can Do Right Now

There is something you can do to help your pelvic floor that is very unlikely to aggravate your symptoms, and that is work on your breathing!

Breathing correctly into the diaphragm and using the muscles of your ribs will help expand pelvic floor tension and restore resting tone to the pelvic floor.

Breathing technique is incredibly important. Fixing your breathing alone can often take the edge off your symptoms, and sometimes fix them altogether!

To start fixing you breathing, start by lying on your back with your feet elevated. strive to get your entire back in contact with the floor.

If you are struggling to get your back on the floor, work on breathing into the spots that are tight, to allow the tissues to elongate and reach the floor.

You can then turn onto your side, and work on you side rib expansion. Make sure your top ribs are moving up toward the ceiling. Place a hand to your neck and shoulders to make sure you are not breathing into your neck.

Finally, work on breathing back into your hand in sitting.

Give these a try and let me know what you think!

If you are struggling with pelvic floor issues, make sure you make an appointment with us today!

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