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Tips For Improving Painful Periods

Painful periods are common, but not normal.

So many women go through their lives with debilitating pain during menstruation that is written off as part of being female.

But the truth is, cyclical menstrual pain and severe PMS-like symptoms are frequently a symptom of underlying hormonal imbalances, inflammation, or even disease states such as Endometriosis.

But all is not lost. There is plenty we can do to improve and regulate menstrual cycles so they are an indicator of your overall health, not a monthly event that derails your health.


Regular exercise is highly effective in decreasing painful menstrual cycles. This is particularly true of yoga, which has been shown to prevent the onset of menstrual pain.

Bowel Health

We excrete excess hormones through our bowel movements. If you are dealing with constipation or GI inflammation, it will be more difficult to process your excess hormones into regular bowel movements, which should take place 1-3x a day.

If you are not regular with bowel health, then hormones can build up in the system and create more dysregulation throughout the menstrual cycle.


Making sure you have plenty of plant-based nutrients in your diet on a daily basis is important to manage bowel health and overall inflammation and hormone balance. A study performed in 2020 found that eating less than two pieces of fruit per day raised the probability of suffering from menstrual pain!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Hormonal changes during your period can exacerbate underlying issues in the pelvic floor, such as pelvic floor muscle tension and trigger points.

These can also be compounded through increased constipation and bladder irritability that already can occur during

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help to open up space in the pelvis and decrease trigger points that may be exacerbated during your period.

This can decrease overall symptoms of pain, and also help to improve hip, bowel, bladder and sexual function!


If you are dealing with pain during your menstrual cycle, there is plenty we can do to help. Reach out here today to make an appointment and get started on healing!

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