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Why Pubic Symphysis Pain Doesn't Always Go Away Postpartum

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Many of us experiencing pubic symphysis dysfunction or pain during pregnancy are assured it is exclusively pregnancy related and will resolve postpartum.

And this is true in many cases...

But not all.

Imagine the frustration when your pain is still there postpartum!!

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction is Multifactorial

This is because pubic symphysis dysfunction is often the expression of an underlying movement pattern dysfunction, which was probably there before you got pregnant and will be there after.

Pregnancy is an incredibly challenging time for the body, so underlying movement dysfunctions that did not cause issues prior to pregnancy can be aggravated to the point of symptomatic during pregnancy.

While no longer being pregnant often relieves stress on the body and brings your symptoms back down under the symptom threshold, they have not actually gone away.

Your movement dysfunction is likely to rise again in subsequent pregnancies, athletic undertakings, or simply remain symptomatic postpartum.

Isn't It Because of Relaxin?

Pubic symphysis pain can be the result of many things. Hyper mobility in the joint due to hormonal changes in pregnancy can contribute, but I this is usually in addition to an underlying movement dysfunction.

Otherwise, why wouldn't all women experience pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy?

Sure, relaxin and ligament laxity during pregnancy is present, but the hormone relaxin peaks in the first trimester, so we really can't be blaming it for everything.

Also, these hormonal changes are resolving postpartum, so if relaxin was truly to blame the pain would not linger on.

There is so much we can do to help moms during pregnancy than blame their hormones for their discomfort...

What Can We Do?

We can help moms prevent the onset of pelvic pain during pregnancy by addressing hip asymmetries, back pain, or rotational issues in the pelvis, spine and shoulder before they get pregnant!

We can help moms heal from pelvic pain during pregnancy by increasing core and hip strength and addressing the underlying cause of pelvic pain.

We can decrease suffering from continued pelvic pain postpartum by fixing the underlying cause of their pain.

And by doing all of this, we can stop the cycle of pelvic pain during pregnancy for moms that want to get pregnant again.

If you are suffering from pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy or postpartum, make sure you book your session today!

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