Prenatal Physical Therapy By Trimester

Updated: Jul 8

Physical Therapy should play a large role in the prenatal care of every pregnant woman. This includes women who have urinary incontinence, history of prolapse, tearing, orthopedic concerns, or no concerns at all!

Women who attend physical therapy in the prenatal period learn how to recruit their abdominal wall and pelvic floor to maintain core activation throughout the pregnancy.

Women also learn critical aspects of posture, shoulder mobility, and pelvic stability to help prevent adverse long-term outcomes postpartum, such as diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse.

You can see your physical therapist as soon as you find out you're pregnant! I recommend this for any mamma with concerns about core activation, lifting techniques, or back, hip or pelvic pain.

Dealing with these problems as early as possible will improve outcomes for the rest of the pregnancy.

I typically do not perform a vaginal exam in the first trimester, so for mammas that do not have concerns, I recommend scheduling you first prenatal PT session at 12-13 weeks.

Here is what I look at in the first prenatal session weeks 12-21

  • Education for pelvic floor anatomy and function

  • Safe movement strategies for pregnancy

  • Education for glute activation for transfers

  • Core breathing and core activation

  • Pelvic floor muscle activation

  • Diastasis Recti Precautions

  • Treatment of any other musculoskeletal symptoms

Favorite Second Trimester Exercises

Prenatal Care Weeks 22-35

  • Review pelvic floor exercises and core breathing

  • Pelvic floor muscle strength exam

  • Personalized home exercise program

  • Address any musculoskeletal symptoms

Favorite Third Trimester Exercises

Preparing for Birth Weeks 36-40

  • Practice pelvic floor relaxation techniques and pushing

  • Practice positions for labor and delivery

  • Plan for early post-partum follow up

Labor Positions

If you are pregnant and ready to take action on your pelvic health, make sure to book your FREE consult with me today!

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