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Holistic Pelvic Health is proud to introduce...

The Pelvic Health Coaching Program That Makes All Others Obsolete

It's time for you, mama. 

Hey Mama, Stop Prioritizing Everyone But Yourself. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are no joke. They are extreme physical events, and you deserve someone in your corner who is an expert in the pelvis and abdominal region...


And is ready to guide you every step of the way. 

Pelvic health issues are stressful and life-altering, and not everyone has access to regular Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy or are happy with the quality of care they are receiving. 

That's where MomsFirst Pelvic Health Coaching comes in.

Trust Me, I've Been There 

You knew babies came with challenges, such as sleepless nights and diaper changes. 


But you didn't expected to find yourself with an unrecognizable abdominal wall or pee leaks with sneezing postpartum. 

Your medical providers don't seem to understand what is going on. You have heard a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist can help, but you don't have access to one.


So you're up at night, googling your symptoms and wondering if you will be dealing with these issues for the rest of your life. 

I know, I've been there. 

TaliaBlossom (24).jpg

Hi, My Name is Talia
Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Specialist 

My name is Talia, and I am a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Pregnancy and Postpartum Specialist, and mom of two young kiddos. 


I’ve been helping women heal from their pelvic floor issues for over seven years. I know the emotional stress of motherhood, coupled with not feeling like yourself in your body. 


In fact, after my most recent C-Section, I was told my bladder had been over stretched during labor and had an injury, which meant I couldn’t pee!  


Just like you, I spent sleepless nights in the hospital googling my injury, wondering if I would ever pee again or if I would go home and somehow raise two young children with this issue. 


It turned out that another 24 hours in the hospital was enough for my bladder to heal, but it made me think about moms that are dealing with issues that don't resolve with an extra night in the hospital.


Issues that have lingered on, completely altering your life. 


And that is where the idea for MomsFirst Pelvic Health Coaching Program was born. 

Because as moms we are conditioned to put our needs last, and that has to change. We are the pillars of our families, and it's time to put ourselves and our health first. 

I have helped hundreds of women reach their goals in clinic, and I am here to use my expertise in pelvic health to help you on your healing journey through my coaching membership. 

A Healthy Pelvic Floor and Core Means:

Improved Bladder and Bowel Control

Reduced Risk of Vaginal and Rectal Prolapse

Less Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy

Easier Labor and Delivery

Faster Postpartum Recovery

Reduced Risk of Abdominal Separation Postpartum (DRA)

What is a pelvic floor .jpg

Imagine This 

Imagine taking your kiddo to the park for a bike ride.


Your tot races off and you chase after him/her. Your kiddo shouts “slow down mom!” Because your are so fast and light on your feet, with no pee leaks, pelvic heaviness or back pain. 


You can actually keep up with your kid, no problem. 


You can lift them onto the swing, you can carry two kids at once, you can jump, laugh, and sing without any problems at all. You are strong and healthy. You are capable. You don’t have to constantly ask your partner to lift this, or that, or carry the kids, or take them to the park. 

Or simply push through when there's no help available, suffering the consequences later. 


You sleep soundly at night (when your kids let you), knowing you are healthy and strong. 


MomsFirst Pelvic Health Coaching Program 


An intimate coaching membership group to take you from afraid and hopeless to confident and feeling like yourself.


With on-demand access to Pregnancy and Postpartum courses, monthly live coaching, and a regularly monitored Facebook group to build community and get your pelvic health questions answered. 

What You'll Learn

  • The REAL answer to leaking pee with sneezing (Kegels are NOT it!)

  • Exercises to heal your abdominal wall that actually work 

  • Effective ways to prepare your pelvis for birth (that will surprise you!)

  • Pregnancy workouts that will 10x your postpartum recovery 

  • Answers to your pelvic health questions from REAL experts 

  • A roadmap to recovery postpartum you won't find anywhere else!  


What You'll Get 

  • 13 prenatal workout you can watch anytime you want.

  • On-demand access to prenatal course that will prepare your pelvis for the best birth imaginable 

  • Get set up for postpartum healing with full access to Diastasis Recti course with tips that actually work 

  • 24/7 access to Facebook Community where I answer questions daily

  • Monthly live Q and A coaching call with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist


And now you can get access to the tools you need for just

What Moms Are Saying

"Talia is a phenomenal resource for pelvic floor health! She helped maintain my pelvic floor strength during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods." - C.B
"Talia supported me throughout my pregnancy with strength and relaxation exercises, body awareness and more so that I had a comfortable pregnancy and good labor and delivery. I feel like my pelvic floor is in better shape now than before I became pregnant." -R. NJ
"I sought Talia's help while half way through my pregnancy, as I was having back and pelvic discomfort. With her expertise and guidance we were able to relieve my discomfort and prepare for labor and delivery" - S.B

What Would It Be Worth To You...

To live your life without pelvic pain, pee leaks, or prolapse. 


Imagine your pregnancy - painfree, mobile, and strong. 


What would it be worth to you to never have to tell your kids “sorry, mommy can’t pick you up today” again?  


Or be able to chase after them without fear of causing additional damage to your body? 


At the end of the day, as moms, our health is our most valuable asset. When we take care of ourselves well, we take care of our families. 

It's Risk Free

I know this is going to change your life. Which is why the first 7 days of your membership is on me. 

The MomsFirst Membership Is Not For You If... 

  1. You're not willing to invest your time to get results 
  2. You're not willing to invest your finances into your health 
  3. You're not willing to do what it takes to feel better 

But The MomsFirst Membership Is Perfect For You If... 

  1. You're ready to transform your health.
  2. You're willing to invest your time and resources to get results. 
  3. You understand how important your health is for you and your family. 

So mama, are you going to stay stuck and frustrated, or are you ready to transform your life?

Join The Membership Today!

For just 97$/Month 


Q: Does it actually work? ​
A: I provide you with the best information, guidance and coaching, but it will be your job to implement it to see results. 

Q: Is this a replacement for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy? 
​A: Nothing can replace one-on-one, individualized care. This program will enhance the care you are receiving, serve to bridge the gap for those that can’t access in-person care, and provide continuing support for those that have finished their therapy. 

Q: How long will I have to stay in the program? 
A: This program is designed for pregnancy and postpartum moms, but you can join or stay in however long you need to reach your goals or simply make it part of your monthly wellness routine! 

Join The Membership Today!

For just 97$/Month 

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