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When To See Your Pelvic Floor PT During Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 9

Pelvic floor PT in pregnancy

You might already know that pelvic floor physical therapy can help improve issues like pelvic pain, constipation, and urinary incontinence during pregnancy, but did you know it's helpful to see a pelvic floor PT during pregnancy even if you don't have issues?

I love establishing care with pregnant women early on in pregnancy to help guide them through their future physiological changes, prevent issues before they arise, and address questions or concerns as they arise.

No matter who you are, pregnancy is going to challenge your core system and your ability to maintain core and glute activation.

Women that work with us during pregnancy develop a better understanding of their body's physiological changes, the support needs of their abdominal wall and pelvic floor, and are prepped for birth with positional strategies to help get baby out, pushing techniques, and tips for a faster recovery.

At Holistic Pelvic Health, we help women decrease their risk of tearing during birth, decrease issues with abdominal separation, and heal faster postpartum.

So when is the best time to establish with a pelvic floor PT in pregnancy?

I recommend a prenatal visit in the first trimester for coaching to help start an exercise routine and develop a core exercise routine that will set you up for success.

You can start regular pelvic floor work as soon as you hit the second trimester, but if you are dealing with issues like back, hip, shoulder pain and core strength in the first trimester you will want to start therapy earlier.

If you had a previous c-section, you will also want to start therapy earlier for scar tissue mobilization to help make space for the baby to grow.

Once we clear the first trimester, we can begin to assess the pelvic floor internally. This is a critical aspect of prenatal pelvic floor physical therapy that no other provider will offer.

This assessment will inform you on the health of your pelvic floor and what you need to do moving forward in your pregnancy to ensure that it remains healthy.

In summary, come in right away in pregnancy to develop a healthy exercise routine and core workouts. If you are already having issues, we will want to continue working externally and then move internally in the second trimester.


It is safe and encouraged to seek the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist at any time during pregnancy if you are experiencing aches and pains.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is an extremely important part of your prenatal care. In these visits we set the foundation for clients to move through pregnancy with healthy core activation and help to minimize issues such as pelvic pain, pee leaks, prolapse and rectus diastasis.

We also guide women in the best practices to prevent tearing during labor, the best positions to labor in, and set up a framework for early postpartum rehabilitation.

I cannot stress enough the importance of prenatal physical therapy. I have seen time and time again the amazing benefits my clients get from working with me in the prenatal period. If you are currently pregnant and haven't yet made your appointment, make sure you book it today!

Click here to schedule with us today!

Not local to Albuquerque? You can still get help. Click here for my online Pelvic Health Coaching Program!

Want to learn more about your pelvic floor or find out if pelvic floor physical therapy is for you? Make sure you check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Know If Pelvic Floor PT is For You.

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