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Can a C-Section Prevent "Mommy Pooch?"

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

You might be surprised to learn that a c-section does not prevent "mommy pooch." Actually, it can present additional challenges, because women who undergo a C-section are at higher risk for Diastasis recti, or abdominal separation.

A Cesarean Section is major abdominal surgery, which results in scar tissue that can adhere and become tight if it goes unaddressed.

A tight, immobile scar can actually create a type of "shelf" for excess skin and tissues.

This, in addition to abdominal separation or abdominal weakness as a result of pregnancy, can leave moms feeling ashamed of their bodies while also dealing with back pain, pee leaks and prolapse as a result of core instability.

So what can we do for moms?

We heal the core and restore mobility to c-section scar tissue, and this is not just an aesthetic necessity.

The c-section scar needs to be mobile in order for the core to function optimally. It also needs to move well to make sure the bladder, uterus and bowel are not adhered and can move freely.

We need to restore strength and function to the abdominal wall to promote life-long pelvic and spine health.

By doing this, we empower moms to participate in regular physical activity without pee leaks, prolapse or pain, which is a huge barrier for many moms wanting to return to working out.

Restoring strength and function to the abdominal wall also improves the appearance of the "mommy pooch," which will forever remain in quotes on this blog because...that term is bleh!

Core Rehabilitation Postpartum

So what does core rehabilitation look like for restoring core strength?

It starts with assessment of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall for strength and coordination. We then look at breathing patterns, posture and begin to address our findings.

All moms are different in their needs for rehabilitation, but know that with the right help your abdominal wall can heal.

You will not look pregnant forever with the correct core activation skill set.


Retraining your brain to activate your core system in a healthy and appropriate way is the key to healing the "mommy pooch," and is also the key to prevention.

A C-Section will not fix an abdominal wall that doesn't activate correctly, and may instead aggravate symptoms.

If you are looking for help with your c-section recovery, or wanting to prevent issues before they occur, reach out to book you session today!

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